DEL AOP® systems are the leading choice for sanitizing residential pools. Unlike traditional chlorine or ozone sanitizers, DEL AOP® is dramatically more powerful and effective in keeping your pool clean and safe for swimming. In fact, CMP has the only residential AOP ozone/UV systems classified by NSF as a supplemental sanitizer, proving its effectiveness and reliability. Not only are Next Gen AOP® systems powerful, but they are also designed with easy installation, simple service, and smart feedback in mind. With DEL AOP®, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pool is being effectively sanitized without the hassle and complexity of traditional sanitizers.

How Can AOP Make a Pool Better?

  • DESTROYS THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SICK – Hydroxyl radicals destroy certain viruses & bacteria . . . Plus other organic and inorganic pool water contaminants.
  • REMOVES ODORS & IRRITATIONS – Chloramines cause irritation and that familiar “pool smell.” AOP destroys sweat and other nasties that form chloramines in the water.
  • CREATES CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER – Contaminants are destroyed and filtration is enhanced resulting in pure, polished, crystal-clear water.
  • REDUCES CHLORINE CHEMICAL USE – Powerful oxidation reduces the amount of chlorine needed to maintain a safe residual in the pool, saving you time & money.

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