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About Us

Welcome to Summit Swimming Pools, Inc., where we know that the fun begins once you’re in the water! We began in 2014 as a swimming pool service company. Whether you’re looking for a company to design & build your dream backyard, renovate your existing concrete pool or upgrade your pool equipment, Summit Pools is the company to partner with.

SSC L Pool Clear Water Pic
Blau Pool Renovation Pic
Fusco Hot Tub Pic
Sweeney Pool Pic
Valleybrook New Pool Finish Pic
Summit Pools Team Installing Heater Pic
Summit Pools Golf Ball Pic
King Hot Tub Spring Bloom Pic
Summit Pools Lawn Sign Logo
Smith Fountain Close Up Pic
SRV Salt Water Conversion Pic
Smith Renovation Complete Pic
Nucci Sunken Hot Tub
Whalen Reno Complete
Patrick Pool Reno Before and After Pic
Nordic Hot Tubs Logo
Alexaki Sunshelf Pic
Bowles Finished - Shallow End View
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