DOWNINGTOWN, PA – We started with a 3-D design by Summit Pools and finished with this beautiful outdoor living space. This pool features an automatic pool cover, color bubblers on the sun shelf, a stone-faced raised wall, two LED waterfalls, two fire features, three LED pool lights, four laminars – on each corner of the pool, all the features have matching color changing lights, full automation to run everything by a cellphone or tablet, outdoor grill, fireplace, stamped concrete patio and an open structure for entertaining. Check out the Ledge Lounger chaise lounges paired with their side tables that double as ice bins.

BRYN MAWR, PA – We designed this pool to look clean and modern. The Teakwood Stone coping and patio look stunning and are not too hot on your feet. The Caribbean Blue Pebble Tec interior finish give the water a nice and mild shade of blue. For energy, safety and noise reduction reasons we added a variable speed pump and a 12V Color Changing LED pool light. Our client could not be happier with this project which means we could not be happier!

WAYNE, PA – The three images below highlight the incredible look of this water as well as the surrounding space of this kidney shaped pool. The Tahoe Blue Pebble Tec interior finish give the water a clean, sparkling and refreshing look. The dark iron spot brick coping complements the tile and interior finish. Also notice the Tennessee Crab Stones set into the stamped concrete patio. We love this simple design and the family does too!


BRYN MAWR, PA – The image below shows the beauty of this imported Teakwood stone. Blue glass tile was used on the interior of the small pond which looks even more incredible when the sun is shining bright. The fountain is a high quality Brownstone Caterina design weighing in at just under 600 lbs! The sitting wall features bronze under-cap lighting and there is underwater lighting to highlight the fountain at night. What a place to relax and reflect.

MEDIA, PA – The image below shows a before and after picture of a pool renovation completed for the Summer of 2019. We replaced the crumbling coping & tile with new red brick coping, a blue with red accent tile and Pebble Fina Bella Blue interior finish. We also updated the pool lighting which now features a low voltage LED color changing light for safety. A new variable speed pump was also installed for energy efficiency and years of energy bill savings.

NORTH WALES, PA – The image below shows a before and after picture of a pool renovation we completed for a great family. We replaced the aged coping & tile with new tan brick coping, a custom Pa Bluestone spillover piece (from hot tub to pool), a blue tile and Pebble Fina Bella Sapphire Galaxy interior finish with added sea shells. We also updated the pool lighting which now features a low voltage LED white light for a clean and safe look. This pool was also converted to a salt water pool and we love how everything came together.

LANSDALE, PA – The image below shows our Summit crew preparing this site for a brand new Nordic Hot Tub! This client choose crushed stone option for the hot tub to sit on rather than a more permanent concrete pad.


PHILADEPHIA, PA – The private swim club pool featured below was in desperate need of a new look. We drained / cleaned the pool, prepped the existing Epoxy Pool Paint for a new coat, and applied the two coat Epoxy Pool Paint. The equipment was also overhauled with a state of the art Salt Water System, an Automation System to monitor the pool 24/7 and a new filtration system. Check out the clear blue water right there!

SWARTHMORE, PA – The 250,000 gallon swim club pool below was in need of a fresh paint job. The pool was drained, prepped and painted with a Rubber Based Pool Paint. After giving ample time to allow the paint to dry we filled the pool and the members are very happy with the results!

COLLEGEVILLE, PA – Below Andrew & Jhonn are delivering this beautiful Nordic Hot Tub on this new stamped concrete patio. Check out the lounger seat in this Encore LS model!

VILLANOVA, PA – We updated this new client’s equipment pad with a Thermeau Heat Pump and a Pentair Variable Speed Filter Pump. PECO gave our client a refund for upgrade to a more efficient filter pump and they are using about 1/10 of the energy then before! The heat pump was installed early Spring and within twenty four hours the pool water was in the mid 80s! Click HERE to learn more about Thermeau Heater Pumps!